Alusynt Cleaner

Alusynt® Cleaner
Viscosity range : ISO VG 32 to ISO VG 460


The Alusynt® Cleaner are special synthetic flushing fluids for lubrication
circuits and internal details of compressors and machinery in general.
Available in gradations of viscosity from ISO VG 32 to ISO VG 460. Do not
belong to the category of volatile solvents, so they are not easily flammable
and do not have particular risks, even at higher temperatures


The particular nature of the synthetic bases used and the properties of
additives package give to Alusynt® Cleaner a high detergent power, allowing
to remove residues and deposits formed over the years and an excellent
lubricity, able to ensure good protection during washing and after drainage
The Alusynt® Cleaner are also characterized by a low pour point and antifoaming


Alusynt® Cleaner fluids are recommended for regular cleaning of internal
parts lubricated compressors and industrial machinery, where the prolonged
use of mineral oils, or other oils with low performance, has caused the
formation of sludge and deposits. Can be used several times, after filtration
when necessary. Aluchem technical service is available for the determination
of residual properties and characteristics of the fluid used


Hot drain the existing product
Enter Alusynt® Cleaner and use as usual the compressor for 50/70 hours
keeping under control the functionality of filters and heat exchangers. Repeat
the treatment if necessary
Hot drain, replace filters and enter the new oil charge
Special cases may require ad-hoc procedures; Aluchem technical service is at
your disposal to provide the necessary support

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