Alusynt FGC

Alusynt® FGC


Alusynt® FGC are food-grade, synthetic lubricants, Registered in Category H1
by NSF INTERNATIONAL (USA) (see website, suitable for
applications where incidental contact with food may occur
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified

Alusynt® FGC offer: minimum deposit formation, high viscosity index, enabling
operation in a wide temperature range, a very strong oil film, outstanding antiwear
and corrosion protection, high demulsibility, very low pour point, enhanced
anti-foam capacity, a high level of machinery cleanliness, total compatibility with
metals and elastomers
Alusynt® FGC synthetic have been developed to withstand the most severe
operating conditions, even in high temperature and air pressure environments
Service life is several orders of magnitude longer than mineral oils
Maintenance costs, both planned and incidental, are kept to a minimum
• Alusynt® FGC 32 Centrifugal compressors (24.000 hrs), vacuum pumps
operating at low temperature (up to 3.000 hrs), microfog
• Alusynt® FGC 46 Oil-lubricated screw compressors (6-8.000 hrs), vane
vacuum pumps (up to a 3.000 hrs), small bore
reciprocating compressors (up to 5.000 hrs)
• Alusynt® FGC 68 High temperature, oil-lubricated screw compressors (6-
8.000 hrs), oil-free screw compressors (24.000 hrs),
vane vacuum pumps (up to a 3.000 hrs)
• Alusynt® FGC 100
• Alusynt® FGC 150
Reciprocating and vane compressors and vacuum
pumps (1.000 to 3.000 hrs, depending on application)
lobe blowers, also at high ambient temperature
For air compressors in critical/heavy-duty condition
Aluchem have also developed Alusynt® FGC P, with
superior performance in terms of ageing resistance and
service life (see the relevant TDS)

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