Alusynt C

Alusynt® C Range


Alusynt® C are synthetic lubricants of advanced technology, specially developed to provide very high performance in rotary air compressors and vacuum pumps
They ensure very long oil life and outstanding protection against deposit formation, both at high and low temperature. Compressor components will last much longer, even when operating in severe conditions
Alusynt® C are fully compatible and miscibile, in all proportions, with other mineral and synthetic compressor oils, except those based on polyalkylenglycols (PAG)


Alusynt® C are extremely resistant to oxidation and thermal decomposition. This will ensure virtually no deposits and lacquer formation on hot machine parts; sludge-free surfaces at low temperature points of the oil system will prevent filters and coolers clogging
Alusynt® C exhibit very high lubricity and oil film strength, for high mechanical efficiency and very long components life. Thermal conductivity is bigger than ordinary oils, this will contribute to operating temperature limitation
Volatility is extremely low; oil consumption is drastically reduced and oil separators life increased
Low pour point allows easy cold starts; Viscosity Index is much higher than ordinary oils and will ensure optimal viscosity levels in a wide operating temperature range
Outstanding demulsibility properties allow quick and full separation of condensed water, for efficient operation and corrosion protection
Oil charge and oil separators life is up to four times longer than with traditional lubricants
Alusynt® C allow very substantial savings in all maintenance costs


 Alusynt® C 32, Alusynt® C 46 and Alusynt® C 57 are recommended for rotary screw compressors (8.000 hrs minimum)
 Alusynt® C 68 is recommended for oil-free rotary screw compressors (30.000 hrs) and high-power/high-pressure (more than 10 bar) oil lubricated screw compressors (8.000 hrs minimum)
Alusynt® C 100 and Alusynt® C 150 are recommended for “Pneumofore” rotary vane compressors (8.000 hrs minimum) and for lobe-type rotary blowers (16.000 hrs). Also suitable for rotary vane vacuum pumps in moderate duty

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