Avia Gasmotorenol HA 40

Avia Gasmotorenol HA 40

High Ash Gas engine oil for Gas engine


AVIA GASMOTORENÖL HA 40 is a high-performance gas engine oil based on selected base oils and a highly effective additive package


AVIA GASMOTORENÖL HA 40 ensures maximum engine cleanliness and excellent protection against wear, even under severe operating conditions. The high alkaline reserve and additives, neutralize the residual acidity of combustion, maintaining the engine and its components
AVIA GASMOTORENÖL HA 40 represents the High-Ash answer for high-performance gas engines (biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas) , engines fueled with natural gas to low-emission, or of considerable power engines powered by gas with high density subject to extreme thermal stress


GE Jenbacher (TA Nr. 1000 – 1109, BR 2 und 3: fuel gas class B)
MWM, formerly Deutz Power Systems (TR 0199 – 99 – 2105: sulphate ash content of 0.5 to 1.0 wt.%)
MAN M 3271-4 (Gas engine oil for stationary gas engines fuelled by landfill gas, sewage gas, biogas)
MTU Onsite Energy, formerly MDE (BR 400 fuelled by biogas, landfill and sewage gas)

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