ALusynt PSL

Alusynt® PSL


Fully synthetic, non toxic fluids, suitable for very high temperature and high load applications
Registered (ISO grades 150-220-320-460) in Category H1, by NSF INTERNATIONAL (USA) (see website, suitable for applications where incidental contact with food may occur
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified


Alusynt® PSL exhibit excellent lubricating power, high thermal stability, extremely high viscosity index, good EP, anti-wear and antioxidant proprieties, a low pour point and no carbon residue; their high flash point makes them more resistant to ignition than traditional mineral oils
Thanks to their chemical nature, drippings and residues can be washed by means of water-based detergents


Alusynt® PSL are based on polyalkylenglycols; they are not miscible/compatible with mineral and synthetic oils of a different nature
Alusynt® PSL are water-soluble and should not be used in presence of water


Alusynt® PSL are ideal for gears, especially worm-gear-type, bearings, high-temperature chains, calenders, tenter dryers, textile machinery in general, operating at high temperature or under heavy load and cylinder lubricant in (hiper)-compressors. It is also suitable for lubrication of reciprocating compressors operating in presence of natural gas

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