Unionplast R-EP

Unionplast R-EP


Lubricating oil to synthetic component, with strong characteristis ‘ EP, antiwear and antioxidants, intended for “Long-Life” lubrication of gearboxes, gears in general and suppports, operating under severe load and temperature conditions
They are highly recommended whenever it is important to prevent micro-pitting problems
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified


Unionplast R-EP are derived from the latest generation of high performance components, to provide outstanding anti-wear, antioxidant and EP properties, coupled with much longer oil drain periods compared with traditional EP gear oils
The peculiar nature and properties of the special ingredients, including ashless additives, ensure a very high level of cleanliness, superior oil film strength and enhanced oiliness
Unionplast R-EP are specially formulated to prevent the development of micro-pitting, with performance corresponding to the levels set by Flender AG
Unionplast R-EP are fully compatible with elastomers and sealing materials normally found in gearboxes. They are also fully compatible and miscible in all proportions with all sorts of mineral and synthetic gear lubricants, with the only exception of those based on polyalkylene glycols (PAG) and silicon fluids


Unionplast R-EP are suitable for all gears where the manufacturer expects the use of ‘EP’ oils (extreme pressures). Recommended for gears of all types, straight tooth, helical, spiroid, cylindrical or conical wheels, worms (also With steel / cast iron coupling) and epicycloid reduction
They are also ideal for rolling bearings and bronzes of all types and sizes and for circulating lubricants and oil baths in general


Unionplast R-EP exceeds the following specifications
 ISO 12925-1 Type CKD
 ANSI / AGMA 9005-E02 (EP)
 US Steel 224
 Flender AG
 David Brown S1.53.101
DIN 51517-3 (CLP)

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