Unionplast R-MS

Unionplast R-MS


Lubricating oil to synthetic component, containing molybdenum disulfide finely micronized
They have high ‘EP’ characteristics, anti-wear and antioxidants to meet the needs of lubrication of gearboxes and gears generally, operating under severe load and temperature conditions
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified


Unionplast R-MS have been formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of speed-gears, differential and support operating in the presence of high loads and temperatures
The peculiar nature and properties of the special ingredients, including ashless additives, ensure a very high level of cleanliness, superior oil film strength reducing significantly wear and overheating
Molybdenum disulfide, finely dispersed and selected granulometry, is particularly effective in reducing the known drawbacks of pit and lining, minimizing the separation of metal particles, which would inevitably cause further damage to the gears
The viscosity index, above average typical of classic oils for gearboxes, moderates the viscosity change with temperature


Unionplast R-MS are suitable for all gears where the manufacturer expects the use of ‘EP’ oils (extreme pressures)
Their use is particularly advantageous in those reducers where, due to low peripheral speed on the primitive, there is consequently high loads on the surfaces of the teeth and in any case where, owing to the mechanical state or for mounting or operation problems, there is reason to fear the occasional rupture of the lubricant film
Recommended for all types of gearboxes with straight, helical, spiroidal or hypoidal teeth, cylindrical or conical wheels, worm gears (also with steel / cast iron coupling), epicyclic reducers, circulating lubrication systems and oil bath

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