Alusynt CP 32

Alusynt® CP 32


Synthetic lubricant containing polyalkylenglycols
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified
Alusynt® CP 32 is characterised by excellent lubrication and antiwear properties, high viscosity index, absence of carbon residue, low pour point. Its high thermal conductivity optimises the efficiency of the exchangers
The other main characteristics of Alusynt® CP 32 are the high rust protection, low pour point, high resistance to oxidation and the rapid breakdown of the foam
Because of all these outstanding features Alusynt® CP 32 can remain operational for around 30.000 hours
Alusynt® CP 46 is recommended for the lubrication of rotary compressors Ingersoll Rand CENTAC and is equivalent and therefore fully miscible with their lubricant TECHTROL GOLD
The particular chemical nature of Alusynt® CP 32 makes it rather incompatible or mixed with other categories of mineral oils or synthetic compressor (ester, PAO, etc.); Therefore, the transition from one type of lubricant to another requires a washing with special procedures

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