Alusynt CE 93 68

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Alusynt® CE 93 68
Top performance synthetic fluid for rotary vane air compressors


Alusynt® CE 93 68 is a fully synthetic fluid, based on a very advanced technology
for lubrication in extremely severe conditions
Alusynt® CE 93 68 enables very long oil drain periods, total cleanness of the
lubricated parts and full mechanical protection of compressor components


The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability of Alusynt® CE 93 68 provide
trouble-free operation and peace of mind for the user
The very high oil film strength, coupled with outstanding antiwear properties
ensure full mechanical protection. The low vapour pressure minimises the oil
consumption rate
Alusynt® CE 93 68 offers enhanced thermal conductivity properties, that improve
the cooling effect on the hottest machine parts
Alusynt® CE 93 68 has been specifically developed to provide excellent low
temperature properties, enabling easy and safe cold starts even in the coldest
Antifoam and water demulsibility properties of Alusynt® CE 93 68 are among the
best in the market

Alusynt® CE 93 68 is recommended for prolonged oil drain intervals in rotary vane
compressors, especially in cold climates or in frequent cold starts service

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