Unionlub M2

گریس چند ظرفیتی دارای مولیبدن دی سولفاید میکرونیزه
گریس با چسبندگی بالا برای روانکاری طولانی مدت یاتاقانهای تحت فشار و دمای بالا .
مشخصات کلی :
یک گریس چند کاره یا چند منظوره که می تواند جایگزین بسیاری از گریس ها با تیکنرهای مختلف در تجهیزاتی از قبیل بیرینگ ها ، گایدها و اسلایدها ، اتصالات مختلف ، دنده ها و Rack ها ، زنجیرها و کابل ها و دیگر تجهیزاتی که نیاز مبرم به روانکاری طولانی مدت دارند باشد که می بایست در برابر فشارهای زیاد با ضریب اصطکاک کم مقاوم باشد.

Unionlub® M

Polyvalent grease based on special lithium-complex soaps, containing finely micronized Molybdenum Bisulphide.
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified.
Unionlub® M is a multifunctional grease. It can replace all normal types of grease, also EP types, based on lithium, aluminium, calcium, sodium and mixed bases, commonly used in industry for lubricating smooth and rotating bearings, guides and slides, pins, joints and articulations, gears and racks, chains, cables and anything else that requires long-lasting lubrication, resistant to high loads and with a low friction coefficient.
Unionlub® M has a very high dripping point, great stability to oxidation and resistance to contaminating industrial atmospheres.
It’s evident anti-wear properties are further enhanced by the presence of Molybdenum Bisulphide, for impeccable lubrication also under very high loads and all ultra-severe operating conditions.
Due to its characteristics, Unionlub® M can resist during use up to 6 times longer than a traditional petroleum based grease.
The application of Unionlub® M does not require particular methods, but it is advisable to maintain maximum cleanliness of the support, especially during the first use, in order to obtain the best performance from the product.

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