Aluflos AV

Aluflos AV 2

Aluflos AV 2 is a white, chemically inert, non-flammable, synthetic grease, derived from the most advanced technology and experience in aero-space applications; Aluflos Av 2 is specially developed for extreme operating conditions and extremely long service life.
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified.
Aluflos AV 2 exhibits the following properties:
 extremely resistant to oxidation and thermal decomposition; even at very high temperature the product remains stable and deposit-free;
 extremely resistant to evaporation;
 excellent resistance to conventional solvents and aggressive chemicals;
 completely inert in presence of oxigen and other technical gases;
 excellent lubricating properties, even at very high speed and load;
 extremely reduced viscosity change with temperature;
 very effective water repellency; strong adhesion to lubricated parts;
 very effective anti-corrosion properties;
 fully compatible with all metals, polymers, plastomers and elastomers;
 Registered by NSF (USA) in “Category H1” (lubricants for applications where incidental food contact may occur).
Aluflos AV 2 is ideal in all applications with very severe mechanical and dynamic conditions, at very high temperature or whenever very long service life or “for life” reliability is required, with minimum lubricant quantity:
 plain and rolling bearings, even at very high load and speed, rotating unions and mechanical seals;
 articulations, joints, slide-ways, chains, mechanical components operating under shock-load or vibration; high precision components;
 plastic-on-plastic lubrication;
 valves, pumps, glands, seals and other components, in oxigen processing (also liquid oxigen), aggressive fluids, solvents, flammable products;
 food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries;
 electronic industry, high vacuum, aerospace;
 lubrication, protection, anti-ageing treatment of elastomers and plastomers.
Aluflos AV 2 must be applied on perfectly clean surfaces, free from residues of previously used lubricants and protectives.
Aluflos AV 2, is insoluble in conventional solvents; it can be removed with a special solvent only (please revert to Aluchem Technical Service).

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