Syntene G-SX


Syntene G-SX is a grease formulated with lithium complex soaps, selected refined bases and a mixture of finely micronised sulphides that give the product a strong resistance to very high loads.
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified.
Syntene G-SX is also characterized by a high drop point, high oxidation stability, low friction coefficient.
Thanks to the contained micronized metals Syntene G-SX covers the roughness of the materials making the surfaces smooth reducing wear, friction, and lengthening the life of the mechanical components on which it is used.
For these qualities, Syntene G-SX is particularly suitable for the lubrication of mechanisms operating in the presence of high load, low speed and vibration ensuring long cycle lubrication.
The application of Syntene G-SX does not require any special modalities, however, it is advisable to clean the support especially in the first use, in order to make the most of the product quality.

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