Alugrease Super

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Alugrease® Super

Alugrease® Super is a lubricant grease thickened with complex lithium and formulated with synthetic base oils, designed for speed bearings operating even at high working temperatures and under extreme pressure conditions.
High quality synthetic base oils and selected additives ensure high anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties and low friction coefficient, delivering significant energy savings.
Alugrease® Super owns excellent oxidation and water resistance, high thermal stability and high EP properties, as well as a high dropping point, which guarantees the usage over a wide range of temperatures.
Alugrease® Super has a long life in service and ensures significant maintenance costs reduction.
 High oxidation resistance and thermal stability, to ensure long life in service, to prevent residues formation and to give the product longer life, reducing consumption.
 High drop point, which allows the grease to operate also at high temperatures.
 High EP properties and load resistance to guarantee high performance even in presence of high pressures.
 High anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, to ensure protection to all components.
 High water-resistance, to protect mechanisms operating in environments with a strong presence of water and humidity.
 Good adhesivity, which guarantees proper lubrication even in the presence of stress and vibrations.
 Low friction coefficient, to minimize energy consumption.
Main Uses
Alugrease® Super is designed for the lubrication of mechanical parts operating at high temperatures, such as :
 Smooth and fast rolling bearings
 Bearings of fan heaters
 Continuous cast steel segment roller bearings
 Hot drawing frame rolls
 Ovens timers
 Supports for throttle valves of steam turbines
 Coke oven gas reversal taps
 Precision mechanisms
 High speed electromotors
ISO 6743-9
DIN 51825 / 51502
KP 00 R-20
KP 0 S-20
KP 1 S-20
KP 2 T-20
KP 3 T-20

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