Alusynt GCL

Alusynt® GCL


Alusynt® GCL are a synthetic fluid based on polyalkylene glycols (PAG)
suitable for the lubrication of mechanical organs operating in presence of
high temperatures and heavy loads
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified


Alusynt® GCL are characterized by significant lubricating power, high
viscosity index that allows them to operate in a wide temperature range, high
EP power, anti-wear and antioxidant properties
The low friction coefficient allows significant energy savings and lower
operating temperatures of both the machinery and the lubricant
They also provides protection against rust and phenomena of micropitting
and scuffing and ensures high oxidation stability
The features described above allow them to operate in many orders of
magnitude higher than traditional mineral lubricants


Alusynt® GCL are based on polyalkylenglycols; they are not
miscible/compatible with mineral and synthetic oils of a different nature
Alusynt® GCL are water-soluble and should not be used in presence of
As regards the compatibility with elastomers, please consult the technical
department Aluchem as, may cause changes in some types of seals


Alusynt® GCL are particularly suitable for the lubrication of worm
gearboxes, it is also suitable for oil bath bearings, chains of kilns and dryers
in the plastics sector Calenders and textile machinery

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