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Aluflos PV

Aluflos PV is an high performance fluorinated synthetic lubricant; non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless and colorless, chemically inert, result of an advanced technology formulation.
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified.
Aluflos PV exhibit the following properties.
Can be used up to 260°C;
 Very low vapour pressure;
 Show outstanding lubrication properties;
 Exceptionally resistant to oxidation and ageing; can be kept in service for extremely long periods;
 Insoluble in all non-fluorinated solvents;
 Compatible with all construction materials and elastomers;
 Fully compatible with Oxigen and other gases;
 Exceptional dielectric strength;
 Totally fire-resistant;
 Optimal water-repellent properties;
 Non-toxic.
Aluflos PV is particularly designed for use in rotary vane vacuum pumps.
Aluflos PV can be used in all kinds of applications, including those where food-grade lubricants are required, and in particular in the following industrial sectors: aerospace, food, textile, medical, Oxigen and other gases processing, electronic, high-vacuum, syntered bushings impregnation, precision machinery, “for-life” lubrication, in an extremely wide temperature range.
They are totally immiscible with conventional lubricants and solvents; special fluorinated solvents are required to clean the Aluflos PV lubricated parts.

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