Alusynt UNI 15W-40

Alusynt® UNI 15W-40


Multigrade “STOU” type universal synthetic lubricant for earth-moving
machines and construction work sites
PERFORMANCE Alusynt® UNI 15W-40 has a set of properties that allow effective lubrication
of multiple mechanical bodies. It eliminates the risks of error and reduces
servicing costs


Alusynt® UNI 15W-40 presents excellent lubricant and antioxidant properties
and wear-resistance, high viscosity index, and low pour point. It is non
The good molecular polarity of the product increases lubricant film resistance
during both work and machine downtime, allowing persistence of the lubricant
on metal surfaces even after long machine downtimes, avoiding metal-metal
contact and, subsequently, reducing wear
The friction coefficient has been accurately calibrated to allow regular and
progressive function of wet disc brakes
SPECIFICATIONS Alusynt® UNI 15W-40 – meets the following specifications
Engine STOU
• API CG-4 • Ford M2C 159B/C
• API SF • New Holland 82009201/2/3
• ACEA E3 • John Deere J27
Transmissions • Massey Ferguson CMS M1145, 1144, 1139
• ZF TE ML 06A, 06B e

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