Alusynt MO-HD

Alusynt® MO-HD
Synthetic oil for large diesel engines and heavy duty


Alusynt® MO-HD is a high-performance PAO base synthetic motor oil
formulated with bases and additives strictly selected and in line with the
new ACEA and API specifications


• Very high anti-wear and antioxidant properties
• Very powerful detergent and dispersing action
• Very high protection against carbon build-up
• Excellent thermal stability that lengthens oil exchange intervals
• Low coefficient of friction for remarkable fuel saving


Alusynt® MO-HD is an “ESI” (Extended Service Interval) type engine oil
that is ideal for large displacement diesel
• ACEA: E4-08
• ACEA: E7-08
• API: CI4 e CJ4
• MB: 228.5
• MAN: 3277
• MAN: 3377 approvato EURO VI
• CUMMINS: 20078
• MTU: Oil Cat-3
• MACK: EO-M Plus
• Global: DHD-1
• Renault: RXD e RLD-2
• Detroit Diesel 93K215
• Caterpillar ECF-2

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