Alusynt MO-CR

Alusynt® MO-CR
Synthetic oil “Passenger Car” for diesel and gasoline engines


Alusynt® MO-CR is a high-performance PAO base synthetic motor oil
formulated with bases and additives strictly selected and in line with the new
ACEA and API specifications, it is ideal for all diesel and gasoline engines of
vehicles light even with FAP


• Very high anti-wear and antioxidant properties
• Very powerful detergent and dispersing action
• Very high protection against carbon build-up
• Excellent thermal stability that lengthens oil exchange intervals
• Low Ash content


Alusynt® MO-CR is a “Low SAPS” motor oil (low ash, phosphorus and
sulfur) ideal for lightweight engines of old and new generation
SPECIFICATIONS Alusynt® MO-CR exceeds the following specifications
• ACEA: A1/B1, A3/B3, A3/B4
• MB : 229.3 e 229.5
• BMW: LL-01
• Renault: RN0700 e RN0710
• VW: 502/00 e 505/00
• Opel : GM-LL-A/B-025
• JASO : MA2 ( T903-2011 )

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