Alusynt H-EP

Alusynt® H-EP


Fully synthetic lubricants, PAO based, with excellent anti-oxidant, anti-wear and EP
properties for “long life” applications in a wide temperature range
PROPERTIES Alusynt® H-EP have been developed with state of the art base oils and additives
The basic components of Alusynt® H-EP offer outstanding machine cleanliness
ensure full protection from wear and oxidation and a service life that outperforms
traditional mineral oils
The very high Viscosity Index enables excellent running performances in a wide
temperature range, ensuring easy cold starts and maintaining a strong oil film even
at high temperatures
Alusynt® H-EP are fully compatible and miscible in all proportions with all mineral
and synthetic gear lubricants, with the only exception of those based on
polyalkylene glycols (PAG) and silicon fluids
ISO VG 150 (SAE 80W-90) meets the requirements of the specification: Sulzer
G6500 for textile machinery
APPLICATIONS Recommended for oil splash, oil bath, microfog, circulating systems
• Gearboxes and transmissions with all type of toothing
• Speed gearboxes even with small dimensions and tolerances
• Gearboxes running at low and high temperatures
• Rotary lobe blowers
• Mechanical components for textile machinery

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