Alusynt CF P

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Alusynt® CF P

Alusynt® CF P are long-life synthetic fluids, especially developed for trouble-free lubrication of refrigerating compressors with R717 (ammonia) refrigerants. They are not conceived for use with HFC and Sulphur Dioxide refrigerants
Aluchem products and plants have been also Kosher certified
Alusynt® CF P fluids are fully compatible with the refrigerants at high temperature and do not form wax and deposits at low temperature
Alusynt® CF P solubility in refrigerants is very limited; they can therefore ensure effective lubrication, low wear rates and prompt separation from the refrigerant, improving the system efficiency
Alusynt® CF P are ideal in all sorts of refrigerating compressors with R717 (ammonia) refrigerants
Alusynt® CF P fluids are particularly appreciated in high pressure and low evaporator temperature systems
Alusynt® CF P fluids are fully compatible with all components found in refrigerating systems designed for mineral and synthetic oils; they are also fully miscible with all kinds of previously used mineral oils

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